This is a very well written piece on the difficult decisions facing us in Syria. Well worth reading.


David Cameron has laid out his plan to extend operations against ISIS from Iraq into Syria and the vote passed in Parliament on Wednesday. Her Majesty’s armed forces is intervening in Syria to fight ISIS by way of airstrikes. Among other things, a “poltical transition” in Syria is required to bring about an end to the civil war and to increase humanitarian aid.

70,000 moderates

A significant part of the proposal  includes an estimated 70,000 moderate (for want of a better term) rebels who do not belong to extremist groups that can help in fighting ISIS. Already, many people are skeptical of this number and will ask “who are these people?” While others like Robert Fisk will claim that these “moderates” don’t exist and are “ghost soldiers”. Even Cameron’s own Conservative MP’s labelled these figures as “magical“.

The brilliant Charles Lister explains here who these people are.

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